Saturday, February 22, 2014

 Happy Belated New Year
Matsu Kaze Woodworking
松 風 木 工
 Sorry for the delayed well wishing, I have been absolutely busy.
 There are many things that never get blogged about due to lack of hours in the day so
 I wanted to give you a quick recap of  some work that was not shared with you all in 2013.
 I may go back further in an upcoming post on some constructional details, such as the splay legged table .
If you would like to see anything in particular please write me and I will send you images directly.

 It's been an exceptionally busy past year and I can not thank my patrons and the good people of
 the Harbor Gallery in Kawaihea, Hawaii for all their continued support.
 I truly wish success and happiness to you all  (and you good readers as well)!
 Here goes.....

Japanese gate way / entry doors
Appropiate in a garden gate setting or genkan


Pictured front and back. Unfinished hand planed surfaces.
Western Red Cedar

too many mortices to count
the lap joints were all cogged.

Installed in existing opening

Monkey Pod Table with splayed legs.

This was a massive piece. Fully joined with double and quadruple tenons pegged and wedged.

4" thick averaging 42" wide and 10 feet long. 
 From a tree next to my home that I chainsaw milled to slabs.

 OSMO finish on a hand planed surface.

The base is held on entirely with full blind dovetails. 
No visible fastenings.

A cute little model to run thru the layout method.
And the drawing prior to execution of the piece.

Koa Isho Yaro Tansu
Koa, Silk Oak, two secret boxes inside.

Single board top and sides. Blonde Shellac polish.

 Dan Chisler Custom Cast Hardware,
 Mokko shape in bronze. Matsu motif back plates.
Dan has retired mid summer last year. This hardware is now impossible to source.
I have an inventory for future work available.

 The koa is from the stash of a now passed Japanese Sawyer. 
This amazing material had been under his house for over 40 years.

Hand cut and hand planed always.
 I am currently making another similar with the last of this heirloom material.
Completed in the next two weeks. Please contact for info.

All for now, thanks for checking in. I am currently booked thru 2014. 
Please contact Harbor Gallery in Kawaihea, Hawaii
to see if they have any of my work currently available.

M a t s u  K a z e  W o o d w o r k i n g
simple devices for inspired living

H   I   L   O      H   A   W   A   I   I

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