Thursday, June 28, 2012

MatsuKaze WoodWorking
        Correy Smith
                Hilo, Hawaii

This is a accompaniment to my web site
The intent here is to share images of current works for sale and photo logs of the stages of progress for clients.
My name is Correy Smith. I build and design Japanese furnishings and small timber structures. Tansu , shoji, and other architectural works.

Current News......

I am unable to attend Summer Wood Show at Harbor Gallery.
It has been exceptionally rainy this year in Hilo. I had to re-dry some materials for a current project so I am sorry to say I will not be at the Harbor Gallery Summer Wood Show.

 I will be posting images of the current work soon. It will be available for direct purchase and pre-purchasing is encouraged.

I am currently building a large curly koa Cha Dansu. It will feature some pretty incredible curly burly Sugi panels for the door panels. Tone of the cabinet will be similar to this award winning piece sold earlier this year. A mango chadansu.

The new work measures 14x43x52 and is koa front and back. My largest chadansu to date and reflects a more formal styling of tea cabinet. 
Thanks for checking and being here for the launch of the new blog. I hope that you will enjoy the future content.
Correy Smith